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Warranty Terms and Conditions

General Provisions

Under these warranty terms, Test-meter Online Shop shall replace a faulty product free of charge within 14 days excluding the delivery period if a replacement is available in stock. Otherwise, the customer’s claim for replacement is redirected to the manufacturer.

The warranty is generally provided for the period of 1 Years from the date of shipment. However, it is advised to consult with the company manager on specific product’s warranty terms and conditions.

The warranty covers only Test Instruments products, excluding test leads and test probe, etc. The warranty does not cover software products.

Possible product damage or loss during transportation is not covered by the warranty either. It is, therefore, strongly advised to check the package content for compliance with the packing list in the presence of an authorized representative of the delivering company.

We offer our customers free qualified technical support.

Test-meter Shop reserves the right to reject customer’s warranty claim in cases specified below:
* Warranty seal is removed or damaged;
* Warranty period has expired;
* Proofs of abnormal operation conditions as specified in the user’s manual have been detected;
* The product alteration and/or remodeling or misuse is detected (improper operating);
* The product malfunctioning resulted from mechanical, thermal, electrical and other types of damages (e.g. ingress of moisture);
* The product’s damage resulted from accidents (fires, harmful effect of solid or liquid objects, electrostatic discharges and other external causes);
* Original package is missing.
* The customer should contact the company manager for the exact terms before shipping back the product under warranty.

If on examination, the Technical Support Department concludes that the given case is not subject to warranty, the customer is liable to cover product’s repair and shipment costs.

Post-warranty repair is provided regardless of the purchase date. The cost of such repair is calculated individually for each separate case.
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